Our Parish

St. Bonaventure
23 Channel Street
Killarney, Ontario

Father Krystof Niewinski

About Our Patron Saint

According to the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke, Joseph was of royal descent; he was an ancestor of the great Jewish king David. He is credited with acting as a foster-father for Jesus during his youth.

It is known that Joseph cared a great deal for Mary. Although Joseph knew that he was not the father of Mary’s child, he refused to abandon her--even when neighbours gossipped and urged Joseph to do so. As Jesus grew up, Joseph gave him guidance and protection.

Although the date of Joseph’s death is unknown, it is assumed that he died before Jesus began his three-year crusade that ended with his death on the cross.

Sources: Saints for All Seasons by Victor J. Green. Avenel Books: 1983.

Also see Catholic On-Line Saints for more information.


Monthly Virtues:

September: Respect
October: Faith
November: Justice
December: Patience
January: Peace
February: Compassion
March: Honesty
April: Stewardship
May: Empathy
June: Forgiveness

Catholic Theme & Essential Questions

JK/SK: Where is God?
Grade 1: Who is God?
Grade 2: How are we members of God's Family
Grade 3: Who is the Holy Spirit?
Grade 4: What does Jesus ask of us?
Grade 5: How do we live in Community?
Grade 6: How do we live in accordance with God's will?
Grade 7: What is our story?
Grade 8: How are we church in the world?



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